Realize Your Ambitions 

Welcome to INMA. Founded in 1995, we are a firm of international experts that create bespoke building envelopes for the construction industry.  Our brand essence is to realize your ambitions by making lives easier through employing a trusted-partnership approach. In doing so, we can understand your exact requirements and remain focused on your big picture as well as not forgetting the small details that can make the difference. We strive to exceed your expectations, so you realize your ambitions. 

Keep Your Promises

We recognize the unique demands of the construction industry and take genuine pride in our workmanship, as a number of our clients will verify. Our management team remain open-minded to your objectives to give you best advice on the right people for the task and the leading-edge design and product technologies that will ensure you achieve the precise result you are aiming for. This is backed by our promise “to serve construction owners better through smart, innovative, reliable, and sustainable turnkey building envelope solutions for a better tomorrow.” By keeping our promise, we ensure you are better placed to keep yours. 

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It isn’t just what we do, it’s the way that we do it. That’s what gets results!

Because Precision Matters

In a business that’s often measured in millimeters, precision matters. So we ensure we get the small things right, so you get the big things right - whether that’s in terms of the initial design, project management or the day-to-day operations on-site. Given that every project is unique we offer a bespoke service, which can mean everything from using traditional materials and techniques to cutting-edge design solutions that keep within cultural boundaries. Regardless of the approach is taken, you can rest assured we implement stringent quality-control procedures to ensure that highest standards of manufacture are maintained throughout all stages of development. 

Because Reputation Matters

Our aim is to not only protect your reputation, but enhance it. Preventing problems rather than solving them is just one of a number of ways that we help do precisely that. We have the experience to know what works and what doesn’t and to not be afraid to advise you when an alternative path is the best path. We work closely with you to gauge your precise requirements at every stage from pre-contract to installation, spending time to test components and ensure they are fit for purpose.  And because your reputation matters, we ensure that our warranty package includes a full maintenance guidance manual to keep buildings exactly how they should be for years to come.

Because Flexibility Matters

For some flexibility is deemed a sign of weakness, but we recognize it as a strength. Our management are open-minded, meaning they will offer you a range of services and technology proposals to ensure you meet your deadline and don’t exceed your budget – this is delivered through well-established supply chain partnerships with some of the world’s best raw material manufacturers.  Given we provide bespoke solutions, we ensure that your chosen materials are tailor-made to your specifications. Our processes have robust-flexibility too, meaning they are structured but adaptable for the project at hand, whether that is a design-build delivery or an entire turnkey solution - and this ensures that you can rely on us whenever you wish us to join your own construction process. 

Because People Matter

Given our core essence is to realize your ambitions, behind this lies an exceptional team and a critical ability to work well with your team. Our experienced and professional international experts will work closely with you at every stage to ensure that your plan is implemented to the right specification, costs and maximum efficiencies. Our people are trained in the latest technologies, and we employ updated in-house training on new products and procedures. We remain committed to meeting the latest industry standards on matters of quality, safety, occupational health and the environment; indeed we employ stringent policies and procedures to ensure that our people continue to work in the safest possible conditions, and that comprehensive guidelines are in place to safeguard them. 

Because Value Matters

As an agile organization that enjoys mutually respectful relationships with our suppliers, we are able to offer you the latest innovations and technologies to create best value. Starting from the design stage, we apply value management to fully comprehend your project objectives. We are able to join your construction project precisely when you need us, meaning you only pay for what you need. Moreover, we are solution-focused, meaning we recommend practical answers to your problems that align with your timeline and budget. And finally, we have the inter-disciplinary skills in-house that ensure we are able to undertake the entire project if necessary and provide you with a turnkey solution of which you will be proud.  

We take our commitments to our employees and our environment seriously. 

Committed to safety 

Put simply, INMA is a people business, so we look after ours. We operate in an industry with potential daily hazards, so we place top priority on providing a safe and secure working environment. We reinforce this with the employment of the highest level of health and safety standards and ensure an extensive health and safety policy is in place. Risk assessments are carried out as standard practice on all projects, and we ensure we comply with all our statutory obligations regarding matters of safety. 

Committed to ethical practices

We pioneer progress, but not at any expense. Our commitment to safety and security is complemented by an ethical stance to employment and delivered through an inclusive equal opportunities employment regime which leads to a diverse international workforce and is governed by professional working practices. We ensure that our people are fully trained to do any jobs they undertake. We take our company values seriously and help them guide our business decisions, daily and follow our legal responsibilities without question. Moreover, we appreciate that our aim is to help you succeed and build your reputation, and so we ensure that adopting ethical practices has become second nature for all INMA people. 

Committed to sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability runs through almost everything we do. From the local employees that we use to help construct projects and hence build local communities to the products that we utilize from our suppliers, from the practices that we employ on matters of waste management and pollutants to minimizing our environmental impact overall – we recognize that we have a responsibility to leave a positive memorable legacy on every project we undertake.   

It was 1995, the World Trade Organization was established, Ajax won the Champions League, Microsoft released Windows 95 and Toy Story became the first ever wholly computer-generated film. Meanwhile in Lebanon, INMA began building a reputation of its own…


Company founded in Lebanon. Operated primarily as a Real Estate Development Company and gradually evolved into an engineering and general contracting company.


Partnered in a joint venture with respected Finish company, Ruuki with the main goal of providing clients with distinct and high-quality construction and infrastructure, complemented by professional service that delivered against deadlines and budgets. 


Completed 4 prestige projects in Lebanon based on building envelope turnkey solutions utilizing Scandinavian building technology.


Established office in Saudi Arabia (under name INMA East). Introduced Swedish expertise to the Saudi Arabian market to advance international standards in the kingdom to execute major projects and bring new ideas, innovations and technologies to the country. Through these, we transformed construction opportunities for Airports, Metros, Stadiums, Sports Arena, Shopping Malls, Hospitals and public buildings and delivered turnkey solutions.   


Partnered with Iscom to introduce their Riverclack System to the Saudi market and subsequently the rest of the region.  Partnered with local suppliers and supported them with application expertise to develop a multi-product system encompassing all envelope products available internally - collectively resulting in the offering of a turnkey solution. 


Established internal Design House offering clients a complete projects service - including a design package and technical guidance using advanced calculation software, complemented by installation.


Established offices in Dubai, UAE to target other nearby regions and develop local supply chain in raw materials to reduce costs - leading to numerous enquiries and projects undertaken.  

Guiding Principles

Our Vision, Mission and Values provide the strategic brand framework to guide everything from our daily actions to our ambitions for the future and ensure our clients can expect a consistently good experience every time. 


The brand vision helps us go the distance. It is our inspirational and directional roadmap. It helps align our strategic decision making. 

Our Vision:

To play our part in a world better built


The brand mission details how we uniquely do what we do every day. Put simply, it articulates ‘How are we going to get to where we want to go?’ ‘How are we going to achieve our purpose?’ and ‘How are we operating our business every day?’

Our Mission: 

To provide bespoke building envelope solutions that facilitate our clients’ ambitions, complement the environment, and sustainably elevate society

Our Values & Value Statements

The core values help define us, guide our behavior, support our vision and mission, become the cornerstones of our culture and help establish our reputation. Beyond this, they guide our decision making, so we ensure we live by them daily. 

Value - Drive Progress 

Statement – Realize our part in the bigger picture of developing societies and communities

Value - Deliver Exceptional 

Statement - Go beyond the ordinary to make the memorable

Value - Never Settle

Statement - Adopt a lifelong learning mentality to continuously improve

Value - Think forward 

Statement - Anticipate consequences and what’s needed next