1 / 2 Standing seam
1 / 4 Space frames
1 / 1 Fire-rated panels
1 / 1 Profiled metal sheets
1 / 1 TPO / PVC
1 / 1 Skylights
1 / 3 Architectural louvres
1 / 2 Photovoltaic systems
1 / 3 Lifeline and fall protection systems
Standing seam Space frames Fire-rated panels Profiled metal sheets TPO / PVC Skylights Architectural louvres Photovoltaic systems Lifeline and fall protection systems

Smart, weather-tight and durable

Standing Seam technology provides a reliable technological choice for your roofing needs. It’s a modern option with sleek lines, long-lasting, low-maintenance and allows for thermal movement. Standing Seam roofing is particularly versatile for complex architectural design and it’s also superb for adding additional technology such as solar panels without having to penetrate the roof surface. 

At INMA, we use the finest Standing Seam options which are swift to install, allow foot traffic without damage, prove cost-effective, are available in a variety of metals and we also have access to Standing Seam technology that has an internal drainage channel, particularly suitable for flat roofs.  

Making space count 

Space Frames use a rigidity matrix based on a geometric pattern to span large areas and spread the load weight of the building structure. They are lightweight and yet very strong, economical in comparison to conventional steel structures and ideal for complex architectural demands. 

Our frames enable you to be flexible in your choice of structure and are suitable for multiple applications, from airport concourses to mosques to sports stadia. 

Taking safety seriously 

Fire-rated panels are engineered to preserve life, property and possessions and ensure government policies, building regulations and codes are adhered to in an increasingly safety conscious construction industry. Their primary aim is to give people adequate time to evacuate a building should the worst happen.

At INMA, we offer a wide range of non-combustible mineral wool sandwich panels suitable for fire-vulnerable areas and you can access a variety of ‘hour-rating’ Fire-Panel technologies – all of which are laboratory tested to meet your building-code requirements.

Lightweight, cost-effective and easy to install

Profiled Sheets provide high quality at a great price and have the versatility to provide protection for either the roof or the walls of your building. They provide an attractive modern façade to a building and are available in a wide range of designs and coatings to combat a variety of weather conditions. 

At INMA, we manufacture a diverse range of profile sheets for an equally diverse range of circumstances. Being designed in-house we can guarantee quality assurance and give you best value for money - and all products are easy to maintain and durable by nature. 

Weather resistant and chemical tolerant

TPO and PVC solutions are single-ply membranes that provide reliable and flexible roofing alternatives for residential or commercial buildings. They are heat-weldable and with fewer seams are particularly suitable for ensuring the avoidance of leaks. Their reflective nature makes them heat resistant too and ensures lower A/C usage during hot months, while they both also have chemical resistant qualities. 


Our TPO roofing formulations provide excellent value, outstanding weathering capabilities particularly in hot conditions, are superbly flexible and overall offer a long-term durable roofing solution.


Our PVC roofing provides an excellent solution should your building be prone to chemical exposure (for example – oil, grease etc), is straightforward to install and is reliable under a variety of weather conditions.

Encouraging the outside inside 

Limitless design, energy efficiency and increased value sum up the key benefits from our skylights. You can achieve optimal natural light while not compromising on durability or performance.  Moreover, they enable you to encourage free light into your building, saving you money on artificial lighting and reducing energy consumption. 

Our range also includes standing seam skylight technology which allows a skylight to fit seamlessly into a cladding system.

Form and function in harmony 

Architectural louvres go beyond simply decorating façades, defying conventional airflow or even light, but actually repel unwanted conditions - such as sand-trap louvres, storm-resistant varieties and even those that reduce noise pollution.

Our architectural louvres come in a number of different styles, from curved to screened, rectangular and even twisted. You can request them in a choice of aluminium, galvanised or stainless steel, wood, glass, copper and titanium. Available in a number of different coatings and finishes, our experts can readily manage the installation to your specification.

Eco-friendly and cost-effective

Generating energy to save you money and do your bit for the planet while you’re doing so, is an obvious win-win, but today PV Systems can actually be integrated into your building so it becomes part of your building’s fabric. A PV system on your roof or even your façade makes real business sense with the cost of PV decreasing and the focus on conserving energy increasing - it’s certainly hard to argue against clean, free electricity. 

At INMA we can develop bespoke solutions using the very latest technologies for your PV requirements to improve your building’s aesthetic and capture the sun’s energy for your benefit and the planet’s too. When selecting our Standing Seam technology you can also include a perforation-free fastening system, which allows full photovoltaic benefit without compromising the integrity of the building cladding.

Custom-designed Fall Protection

A building envelope is not complete without an adequate fall protection system in place to ensure access is possible and your workforce is kept safe. When it comes to building management and maintenance, it is imperative to ensure the safest possible working conditions for your people, while ensuring appropriate consideration for your building - all while following requisite Health & Safety regulations. 

We can custom design and install a fall protection system from one the world’s most renowned companies.  Our adoption of MSA Latchways Fall Protection technologies makes commercial as well as common sense given they are engineered to be strong, reliable and durable for construction and maintenance purposes, and are rigorously tested on over 500 roofing types. We can install horizontal, vertical, overhead, ladder, and even flexible systems for the occasional need that are fit for purpose and aesthetically considerate. Furthermore, our fall protection systems can be combined with Guardrails and Rooftop Walkways to provide the complete Fall Protection Solution - ensuring inspections and maintenance post-construction can be conducted with confidence. 

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