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Tomorrow-ready roofing

With the advent of digital innovation and increase in sustainable thinking, the world is developing at a rapid pace and the world of roofing solutions is no exception. At INMA, we utilise the latest technologies from the start in our design process to ensure that the beauty of design is always accompanied by the laws of physics. We consider this in all aspects of our roofing, even at the later stages where our fall protection systems are custom-designed and installed to fit your precise requirements. Like many of our clients, it maybe that you are looking for something that is not simply the latest for the latest sake, but has a reason for being and may well have a need for a cultural aesthetic as well as being fit for purpose. 

We respect that everyone’s needs are different with some clients looking for solutions that reflect heat, encourage light, reduce noise or simply for geometric strength. We offer solutions that deliver against your bespoke requirements and our products are sourced from the world’s best manufacturers – indeed, we feel privileged to have established sound relationships with many of them. 

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Sturdy Steel Structures 

Steel structures are often the preferred choice for construction projects, and given steel’s tensile strength, durability, versatility, fire resistance and even sustainability, it’s perhaps hardly surprising that this is the case. Steel has the ability to sustain and disburse lateral and gravitational loads and yet play a superb aesthetic role too. 

We conduct appropriate structural analysis design pre-build to test assumptions and ensure its fit for purpose, something made easier given steel can be developed into almost any shape. Whether you’re looking for a long-span solution, an elegant cladding finish or something that hits the heights, our steel solutions can help you achieve your ambitions with ease. Furthermore, our fully skilled welders, fabricators and installers can help make your architectural dream a reality. 

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Cutting-edge Cladding 

Modern cladding systems employ a wide range of materials to provide you with the architectural aesthetic and everyday functionality that you are looking for. Multiple metals, traditional brick, stone, fabrics, glass, cement, laminates, different composites and more are available to meet your individual requirements - and we use complementary materials to deliver interior cladding solutions that are sympathetic to your exterior design. 

We consider your brief carefully to advise on solutions that not simply achieve a great look, but provide appropriate safety protection for the building and its occupants, suitable insulation, energy efficiency, in addition to ensuring easy maintenance and sustainability over time and on budget too. 

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Carefully considered design

Design is not simply an add-on for INMA, it’s a specialty. We employ highly skilled designers that utilise state-of-the-art technologies and the very latest software to explore what’s possible. They will work closely with your team to understand your exact requirements and give you best advice on everything from design-build deliveries to entire turnkey solutions.  

Put simply, we know what works, so we can provide you with value-engineered design to ensure you achieve cost-efficiencies without sacrificing functionality. Our proven design expertise means we consult regularly with architects and suppliers to achieve the right solution for your needs and our technical knowledge means that the team you meet will truly speak your language.  


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Well-organized builds

We never underestimate the importance of sound project management, so we employ some of the best to do the job. You can rest assured that whatever stage of the construction process you need us, we can guarantee that you’re in safe hands. Planning, supervising, coordinating, and budgeting to ensure schedules are met and deadlines are hit, all while adhering to building codes, plans and specifications. 

A project can be complex with hundreds of tasks and multiple managers overseeing different elements, so we use our experienced project managers to ensure systems are followed, appropriate resources are procured and safety and quality standards are met – so your project runs smoothly. 

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Long-term value 

Every installation we undertake is considered for maximum durability with quality materials and considered workmanship, but through our warranty package we always ensure that your maintenance needs are met and your warranty remains valid. 

Whatever materials employed, no building is ever entirely maintenance free, so our team provides appropriate maintenance manuals to ensure that your building retains its appearance and functions at optimum efficiency. 

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